5 Expert Tips for Buying Basketball Shoes Online

buying basketball shoes online

When you’re balling, what you choose to wear on your feet matters. With the overwhelming amount of basketball shoes available online, finding good basketball shoes that best suit you may seem tricky. To make sure that you get the best kicks, you’ll want to know how to choose and buy basketball shoes online. 

This article discusses what makes basketball shoes different from regular sports shoes, how to choose the best basketball shoes that suit you, and the best online store to buy basketball shoes from.

What makes basketball shoes different?

While you might think that you can get away with wearing your regular old sneakers when playing basketball, if you are really dedicated to the game then investing in specially-designed basketball shoes will be well worth it. Basketball shoes are specifically designed for the intensity of the game, with constant jumping, starting and stopping, and short bursts of running. This is why basketball shoes are designed to act as shock absorbers and provide ankle stability. This means that basketball shoes are often much bulkier than standard running shoes or cross trainers.

Tip #1 Learn the different basketball shoe styles to see what best suits you

Your typical basketball shoes get separated into three main sections: the upper, the midsole and the outsole. Each of these separate sections of your shoe has different qualities that will affect durability and performance. Identifying which of these features fit your needs and playing style is vital to helping to choose the correct basketball shoe to suit you.


The upper portion of basketball shoes is the part that covers the top of your foot, where the laces are and around your ankle.  Basketball shoes are available in high, mid or low heights; and each of these styles are best suited to a different style of player:

  • High: With high-top basketball shoes, the upper section wraps around your ankle, providing an extra layer of stability and additional support. 
  • Mid: For mid-top basketball shoes, the upper material sits right at the ankle to provide some coverage without an all-enclosing design, giving wearers a happy medium in terms of ankle support.  Mid-tops also allow for increased flexibility when compared to high-tops.
  • Low: Low-top basketball shoes are built for speed and agility, but offer minimal ankle support due to their low profile style. 

While the different height profiles seem like they may offer more protection from ankle injuries, that may not be the case, in a study from 2001, researchers looked at more than 10,000 Australian basketball players, and didn’t find that high or low-top basketball shoes were a contributing major risk factor for ankle injuries. Instead, increased risk was linked to prior injuries, whether a player stretched or not before the game, and the type of shoe itself. So in regards to which type of height profile you should choose, think more about what is comfortable to you rather than worrying too much about ankle support.


A basketball shoe’s midsole is essentially the footwear’s cushioning, making this section of the basketball shoe one of the most essential parts of a shoe’s performance. Most midsoles are composed of various foams, with some types offering reduced weight, and others offering more durability.


A basketball shoe’s outsole is normally made of a rubber or synthetic material and is the point of traction for the shoe. When shopping for basketball shoes, choosing a relatively flat and wide outsole will help to provide you with maximum balance. If you are looking for added grip, choose outsoles that feature a herringbone or hexagonal pattern, as these are designed to prevent you from slipping on the basketball court.

Tip #2 Choose your basketball shoe based on your position

If you favour a particular position when you are playing basketball, it is a good idea to choose the type of basketball shoe best suited to the needs of that position. Here’s a breakdown of some common shoes worn for each position.

  • Guards: This position requires short and sharp movements on the basketball court, so the more light-weight low-top basketball shoes can help with quick movement.
  • Forwards: High-top basketball shoes come with extra weight, which can be popular among forwards. 
  • All-Around Players: If you’re an all-rounder on the court, you’ll need to find a shoe that offers a bit of everything. Mid-top basketball shoes provide moderate amounts of ankle support, but still give you flexibility to move around which is great for multi-position basketball players.

Tip #3 Make sure you get the right size!

This may sound like an obvious tip, but it is so important that it is definitely worth including in this guide. Some people go too small and end up with a product that’s constricting and uncomfortable while others go too big and this can lead to a rolled ankle and other injuries.  It can be a good trick to read customer reviews on a basketball shoe, as people tend to leave comments saying if a shoe runs small or large. If it runs large, then you’ll want to go a half size smaller and if it runs small, then you’ll want to go a half size larger.

When playing basketball or doing any other type of exercise our feet tend to heat up and swell a little, so to ensure you always have the right fit you always need a little extra space in your shoe to accommodate for this, about a thumb’s width from your largest toe. 

Tip #4 Look the part

When shopping online for a new pair of basketball shoes, you also want to consider how they look. Basketball shoes should not only function well, but make a style statement, too.

You can show your personality by choosing color schemes and designs to suit your preferences, or if you’re looking to rep your team on the court, choose your favourite style in your team colours. 

Tip #5 Make sure you are buying from a reputable stockist

When playing basketball, like any sport, the equipment that you use matters, and basketball shoes are just like any other piece of sporting equipment. A good-quality and well-fitting pair of basketball shoes protects your ankles, and should be supportive and comfortable. 

When buying basketball shoes Australia online, make sure the store you are buying from has a good return policy, so that you can return or exchange your shoes if they don’t fit or feel exactly right.

So now that you have all the tips you need to find your perfect basketball shoes, you might be wondering where to buy basketball shoes online? 

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