The Ultimate Outdoor Basketball Shoes Buying Guide

Outdoor Street Basketball Game

Fast-paced, high-adrenaline and enormous fun, basketball is a demanding sport that requires commitment and dedication from its players. The right footwear can make a noticeable difference to performance, as well as increasing levels of comfort and helping to reduce the risk of injury. With so many types of outdoor basketball shoes on the market, working out which one is going to be right for your specific needs can be a challenge. We’re here to help! At And1 Australia, we have a leading collection of basketball shoes Australia loves. Take a look at our guide to selecting good outdoor basketball shoes, no matter what your style or level of play. We consider variables such as comfort, support, styling, traction and other factors that can help you find your best outdoor basketball shoes 2021.

Ankle support – hi-top, mid-top or low-top

One of the biggest decisions when it comes to basketball shoes is whether to opt for a hi-top, mid-top or low-top design. A major consideration for many players is the level of ankle support that their outdoor basketball shoes can offer. In theory, a hi-top offers more ankle support, minimising the risk of an injury. Whilst a hi-top may intuitively feel like a safer boot, there’s actually little scientific evidence to support this. The majority of foot and ankle injuries on the court are caused by other players accidentally treading on a player’s foot, rather than injury sustained whilst moving. Provided the basketball shoe is a good fit around the heel, holding the foot securely, hi-, mid- or low-tops are all good choices.

Currently mid-rise basketball shoes are on-trend. For a pair of outdoor basketball shoes that offer excellent support as well as plenty of cushioning to reduce the risk of stress fractures and make play more comfortable, we recommend the Size-M Up. With a high-grip sole that’s ideal for an outdoor court, the Size-M Up is a good, versatile option.


There are a number of features that characterise a comfortable trainer: support; cushioning; ventilation; and fit. The Tai Chi Racer for example, benefits from leather and suede uppers. Natural materials that have an excellent reputation for comfort and breathability, the uppers ensure a shoe that will keep feet at a comfortable temperature, no matter how hot the action gets on court. Mesh panels provide additional ventilation. Alongside great temperature control, a good fit is guaranteed by the combined ghillie and leather loop system fastening, This helps to  keep the shoe firmly in place on the foot, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

If padding is a priority, it’s worth considering the Attack Mid. The major advantage of this shoe is the Harmonix RX cushioning that’s inlaid along the length of the shoe. When fused with an injected EVA midsole section, the result is a lighter-than-air tread that’s energising as well as enormously comfortable. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, the Attack Mid is one of the most comfortable and supportive shoes on the market, perfectly suited for playing basketball outdoors.


When trying to work out which basketball shoes are going to be the best outdoor basketball shoes for you, grip is an important feature to consider. The degree of grip that’s required for indoor and outdoor basketball are different: in general, outdoor shoes need to be firmer and have a higher level of grip, to cope with the varied conditions that an outdoor court can bring. Whilst it’s possible to play outdoors with indoor shoes, for optimal performance you sometimes need a pair of shoes that have been specifically constructed to meet the demands of an outdoor court.

Whilst outdoor basketball shoes do need a higher degree of grip, it’s important that the grip isn’t overstated: if the foot sticks to the ground during motion, the risk of a torsion (twisting) injury to the ankle or knee increase significantly. For this reason, many basketball shoes sacrifice a degree of grip in the name of safety. This results in most shoes being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

One of the best all-round basketball shoes for outdoor use is the Attack Low SL. Specifically intended for summer league play, this shoe has sufficient firmness to make it a good outdoor choice, as well as suitable for the court. Alternatively, the Tai Chi Mix Tape benefits from a distinctive herringbone tread that is designed to provide a high level of grip at the same time as plenty of foot feedback.


Obviously, nobody wants to be weighed down by basketball shoes that weigh too much! The reality is that modern materials used in sports shoes are universally lightweight. Synthetic cushioning and soles, along with carefully chosen uppers, result in shoes that offer support and security, without the burden of additional weight to slow the wearer down and potentially increase the risk of injury. The And1 range of basketball shoes use cutting-edge materials that have been specifically developed for use on sports shoes. Innovations such as micromesh; injection moulding; EVA midsoles; and Harmonix RX cushioning are used to give the shoes structure, support, comfort and a secure fit, without adding significant amounts of additional weight.

What is the ultimate outdoor basketball shoe?

The reality is that each player will have a slightly different idea of what the ultimate basketball shoe is for them. Some players favour comfort, others love a shoe that has a firm feel, or which offers plenty of spring when they move. In order to find the basketball shoe that’s going to be best for your needs, we recommend reading product descriptions thoroughly and taking the time to try on several pairs of shoes before making a final decision. When looking for the best budget outdoor basketball shoes or for cheap outdoor basketball shoes, keep in mind that it is worth paying more for quality that you know is going to last, to ensure that you get the most durable outdoor basketball shoes.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to the shoe that’s going to work best on the outdoor court. Some players have several pairs of shoes, picking their final choice depending on variables such as weather conditions, or the position that they’re playing. No matter what you value in a basketball shoe, there’s an And1 product that’s going to meet your needs.

Browse our collection now to see some of the best basketball shoes for outdoor 2021, including a mixture of old favourites and stunning new arrivals. Shop now or contact us today!