The Pros and Cons of Buying Basketball Shoes Online

pro cons buying basketball online

Thanks to online shopping, being busy no longer stands in the way of going shopping.  You can get anything you want online- except some sunshine of course! And with COVID-19 sending more shoppers online, there’s bound to be an influx of online stores-some offering great deals & quality products and others cashing in on bloated markups and cheap rip-offs.

According to Statista, footwear revenue in Australia is projected to reach US$1,432million in 2021 with a CAGR of 5.04% between 2021 and 2025. That’s a clear indication that online shopping for shoes is pretty much here to stay.

But buying basketball shoes online is a bitter-sweet affair. There’s always a chance that you may not get what you’re hoping for. Other times, you get just the right fit on your feet to help you perform better on the court.

This article will help you understand the pros and cons of buying basketball shoes online.

The Pros

Whether you’re shopping for your children or yourself, the following list highlights the benefits of buying online versus spending your time in a brick & mortar store.

Online Stores Never Close

Round the clock shopping means you don’t have to wait to leave work or have to leave the house to go shopping. You can use the same computer at work to browse for shoes and get what you want.

First Access to New Releases

You can get instant notifications, early access or an email newsletter about new releases so you never miss out on a owning the latest shoe release. Email signups or newsletters also provide access to shopping discount codes, sales, and new-release information to keep you at the front of the line.

Variety of Brands and Stores

These days, an online store is a point-of-entry for every ecommerce business. Everyone from the largest brands to your local athletic start-up has a solid online presence. This gives the customer much easier access to all their favourite brands and styles.  Competition is cutthroat stiff online and this plays out to the consumer’s advantage.

Multiple colors

Where certain local stores may be out of stock or don’t stock a certain colourway, size or style, online stores typically offer an entire range to the consumer. This is especially helpful when you’re shopping for children. If their teammate has a certain shoe colourway, they may want to shop the exact same model.

Quite often, you can request custom colourways, designs or additions, you can choose custom colours -although this may mean waiting for longer for it to arrive. But it’s worthwhile when you get exactly what you wanted.

Different styles

If your child’s school changed the jersey and you’re looking for their team’s right shoe match, you have better chances of finding the right basketball shoes online than in a physical store.

Wider size array

For those with larger or wider feet, it’s harder to find shoe sizes at either end of the size spectrum in a physical store than an online store. You can also get extra width or smaller width if need be.

DYOR – Do Your Own Research

Firstly, you can compare styles, colours, and the compare durability from reviews online. Secondly, you get to compare prices from different stores and brands before settling on one. The time you save by simply not commuting to and from multiple retails stores allows you to read more reviews, deep-dive into forum communities and really get to understand what shoe is right for you.

Free shipping

Free shipping has become a standard offering for so many ecommerce stores these days. Most retailers offer it standard or with certain promotions, while with others, you can “unlock” free shipping by spending over a certain amount. This is great when you’re buying several pairs or buying new shoes every season.

Brand New Out Of The Box

Physical retail stores allow customers to try shoes on. By the time you’re buying a pair, it may have been worn by hundreds of feet. This isn’t an issue online, all shoes are brand new out of the box. So you can rest assured knowing your new purchase is made for you!


Not all great things come without drawbacks. Here’s a shortlist of ‘cons’ to consider when purchasing your new basketball shoes online.

Are these shoes the real deal?

If it’s too good to be true, it quite often is. In other words, the online shop is trying to sell you substandard shoes by offering a huge discount, for example, ‘get 80% off or buy 3 pairs at the price of one’. Worse, when you realize that the shoes are substandard; these stores refuse to accept the returns.

And1 is the sole distributor of And1 branded shoes in any store in Australia. All of the other stores that sell And1 basketball shoes are supplied from our warehouses. So, don’t fret, you’ll get the same quality, comfort and performance.

Uncomfortable Fits

It’s hard sometimes to tell your size online. For example, the shoes may come in UK sizes which are different in the US. You may also forget to include your foot’s width and end up with an uncomfortably or painfully tight shoe. In case you have tapered feet, you may end up sliding on the court because there’s too much free space inside. And1 provides a sizing chart so that you can get the perfect fit. Check it out here.

Shipping Regulations

Shipping costs are not always shared upfront in every online store. For instance, you may buy a shoe for $50 only to find out the shipping fee pushes the product out of your original budget. The best thing to do is to find this out before you make a purchase. And1 products offer free deliveries for orders above $100.

Varying Sizes across Manufacturers

A size 6 from one brand may be a size bigger or smaller from another brand. Often, this brings friction between the disgruntled customer and an online store with an unfair return policy, charges for return shipping, etc.

The And1 size chart will help you get the right shoe in UK, US, EUR, AUS and CM.  If you’re still unsure, you can visit our stockist page to find your closest retailer and try them out.

Unfair Exchange and Return Policies

Some stores require special return paperwork. You may also have to pay return shipping fees for returning your new basketball shoes.  If you can’t meet these regulations, you’re stuck with shoes you can’t use and lost money.

And1’s customer support is open to guide you on returns and exchanges. The customer support agent will help answer your questions and concerns, and assist with exact instructions on how to return or exchange an item. Customer service is a top priority to And1 and ensuring their customers are happy is the number one goal.

Actual Product and Description Don’t Match

This is a common problem where dishonest online stores show a different picture from what they have. In some cases, their appearance may be awkward, or the quality is unacceptably poor.

At And1, we will offer a refund, store credit, or an exchange on any item purchased from And1 if the product has a genuine manufacturing fault or does not match with the description you were given.  If you want an exchange but the shoes are unavailable, we can get you a refund or a store credit of the same value as the shoes you bought.

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