Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Wide Feet in Grass

Feet, like every other part of the human body, come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, for people who have feet that are wider than average, finding shoes that fit comfortably can be a challenge. At And1 Australia, we believe that everyone should have the most comfortable basketball shoes available. That’s why we offer a range of some of the best wide basketball shoes available.

Read on to discover how to find styles of basketball shoes that are going to provide the space and comfort your feet need, as well as the pick of the best basketball shoes for wide feet 2021.

Measure your feet accurately

Whilst it’s common for children to have their feet measured each time they buy new shoes, the same can’t be said for adults! Whilst the length of a foot may not change significantly over the years, factors such as fluctuations in weight, injuries, medical conditions, or joint problems can all cause a variation in foot width, which will require wide fit basketball shoes.

We recommend measuring your feet before purchasing basketball shoes, to check their width. The easiest way to do this is to draw around them: see our sizing guide for how to do this. Once you’ve accurately measured your feet, check our generous sizing – you may be surprised to see that basketball shoes such as the Attack 2.0 Mid or the Tai Chi Mid are exactly right for your needs.

Look for “give” in the design

Good basketball shoes for wide feet are those that provide more rigid support towards the rear of the shoe, and have a softer, stretchier material covering the lower part of the foot, particularly the area which covers the little toe across to the interior (medial) side of the foot. Basketball shoes such as the Tai Chi Mixtape offer a durable fabric upper that has plenty of “give”, exactly where wide feet need it, without skimping on ankle support.

Consider the fastenings

If you have wider feet, fastenings can play a critical role in determining how comfortable the shoe will be. Look for shoes that use velcro fastenings for a beautifully adjustable fit. Laces that start low on the shoe are also a helpful feature, enabling the width to be varied in order to accommodate a wide foot. The Gamma 2.0 features an adjustable velcro strap, which perfectly suits those looking for wide foot basketball shoes.

Men’s sizes provide more width

As a general rule, men’s feet tend to be slightly wider than a female foot of equivalent length. For this reason, men’s basketball shoes will be a centimetre or so wider than the equivalent female-orientated shoe, even if the size is the same. For female basketball players with wider feet, simply buying a male-orientated shoe could mean you end up with the additional room and width your foot needs.

We provide the basketball shoes Australia sports lovers can depend on to provide excellent value and a great fit, no matter what size or shape your foot might be.