Get Pumped! 5 of the Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support in 2020

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According to research, ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in basketball.

While running and jumping, your ankles may be subject to hard impacts, which can cause pain and injuries, reducing your play time! The best way to protect yourself is to invest in the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

To help you find the best basketball shoes for weak ankles, we’ve put together a list of the top five best basketball shoes for ankle support 2020. These shoes offer support and comfort without skimping on style!

1. And1 Chosen One II

When looking for basketball shoes, high ankle support is key. The And1 Chosen One offers solid support and breathability. The shoe is made of tactical EVA vamp mesh for lightweight durability. The secret to preventing ankle injuries is having support with flexibility, which this shoe offers. The vamp mesh will allow you to move where you need to go without feeling locked into place.

What makes this shoe unique is its dual strap support system. Securing your laces in place means your feet have less possibility to roll or slide around. Choosing support doesn’t have to mean saying no to aesthetics. The Chosen One also comes in three different colours to match your personality and court style. These shoes are one of the  best high top basketball shoes for ankle support.

This style is also available in junior sizes for the younger players on the court. If you’re a younger or smaller player, it’s especially important to find a shoe that fits. Wearing a shoe that’s too big can leave you more susceptible to injuries.

2. And1 Size ‘M Up

The And1 Size ‘M Up provides support for the whole foot while including a slightly retro design. The shoe is built with open mesh and side panels to provide both structure and breathability. The design allows flexibility around the ankle yet offers a raised front panel to prevent straining.

Herringbone tread along the outside of the shoe also helps for maximum traction on the court. This shoe is designed for players dedicated to long-hours practising and using new moves to match their competition.

If you are looking for great high ankle support basketball shoes, choose the Size ‘M Up in all black or black and Junebug green.

3. And1 Ascender Mid

The And1 Ascender Mid is built specifically for women. This shoe’s shape allows players to grip onto hardwood or blacktop courts while enjoying the ability to make quick turns and jumps.

This shoe is made with hybrid mesh and synthetic materials to provide support and lightweight breathability. At the end of a game or practice, your foot will feel less tired than with other shoes that lock them into place.

The Ascender has a mid-top ankle with extra cushioning to prevent sore ankles and strains making them the perfect choice for basketball shoes with ankle support.

4. And1 Tai Chi Mid

A basketball shoe is only as good as its materials. The And1 Tai Chi Mid combines leather and nubuck to produce a form-fitting shoe that still allows maximum airflow.

True to its name, the Tai Chi lets you move purposefully on the court. Herringbone tread pods offer professional-level traction while an EVA footbed offers cushion and stability. Choose from olive and black or magnet and petitefour for some of the best basketball sneakers for ankle support.

5. And1 Attack Mid

It’s all about defence. The most aggressive players on the court need stability and flexibility to help make sharp movements and quick decisions. The Attack Mid has a mid-cut ankle along with a big cat heel. The shape of the heel keeps you locked into the shoe while allowing more side-to-side mobility.

Breathability is key to maintaining your comfort. The Attack Mid uses sleek micromesh to help your feet maintain stability and performance. This shoe is also great for practicing your dunking. Enjoy Harmonix RX cushioning and an EVA midsole for shock-absorption throughout the whole shoe.

Choose the Attach Mid in neutral colours like black and red or white.

What Do Experts Say About Ankle Support?

According to experts, foot and ankle pain are common for a variety of reasons. People might experience pain depending on their work, activity, genetics, and more. Luckily, you can often treat types of ankle pain with the shoes you wear.

One thing to keep in mind with ankle injuries is the need for recovery and you may require to wear ankle braces for additional support. The best basketball shoes to wear with ankle braces depends on your style of ankle brace, so consider trying on your shoes with your ankle braces on, to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Especially when it comes to a highly physical activity like basketball, it’s important to choose the best ankle support shoes that have comfort and support. Experts recommend wearing high- or mid-top shoes and staying away from low-cut street style shoes which don’t offer enough support.

High-tops offer more support to keep your ankle stabilized through most movements, so if you’re planning to buy high top basketball shoes, ankle support is something you won’t need to worry about.

How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

The best basketball shoes with good ankle support for you will depend on your preferences and needs. While you’re shopping for shoes with ankle support, keep an eye on the following factors:

  • Cost – Most basketball shoes are available in a price range of $40-160. More expensive shoes can mean higher-quality materials. However, keep your eye out for celebrity-endorsed shoes or heavily marketed styles. Some of these shoes may be designed more for aesthetics rather than play.
  • Materials – The best ankle protection basketball shoes will use lightweight, yet sturdy materials. When you try them on, you should feel secure without feeling like your feet are locked into place. It’s also important that your feet will be able to breathe while you’re playing and practising.
  • Design – Basketball shoes come in a variety of high-top, mid-top, and low-top designs. For the best ankle protection basketball shoes, choose high-top or mid-top.
  • Cushioning – Cushioning is important to prevent injuries while you’re running and jumping. With basketball shoes, you’ll need support throughout the forefront, midsole, and heel of the shoe.
  • Style – Choosing the right style is always up to your preferences. Pay attention to colour, design, and silhouette, though make sure the function comes before the form.

And1 offers basketball shoes and apparel for players of all skill levels, including some of the best basketball shoes for bad ankles. Contact us today to find the best shoe for support and performance.