High-Top Sneakers: 7 Eye-Opening Tips for Buying Basketball Shoes

Buying Basketball Shoes

For you, basketball is more than just a sport. And it’s more than just a pastime.

It’s a lifestyle.

If you’re serious about your basketball-playing game, it’s critical that you choose the right type of shoe for the sport. After all, playing basketball can never be enjoyable without the right playing shoes.

Here’s a rundown on seven eye-opening tips for buying basketball shoes.

Let’s jump in!

1. Pay Attention to the Top Part of Your Shoe

One of the most important decisions you must make when buying good basketball shoes is the height you’d like your shoe’s upper portion to be. The upper portion can be a low, middle, or high height.

When the upper part is high, it will wrap around the ankle to give you the extra stability and support that you need. Of course, this means that the high part will be a little heavy.

A mid-top shoe offers ankle support and increased flexibility. The material in this type of shoe sits at your ankle to give you coverage but without a design that is all enclosing.

Finally, a basketball shoe with a low height is built for agility and speed. Note that you won’t have much ankle support with this shoe due to its lower profile.

2. How Secure Is the Shoe?

As a general rule of thumb, basketball shoes that use laces remain the most in-demand among players versus other closure techniques, like straps or zippers.

A major benefit of choosing basketball shoes that have laces is that laces ensure that your shoe fits you properly. In addition, properly secured laces can help to prevent injuries.

3. Pay Attention to the Middle Part

In the midsole of a basketball shoe, you’ll find the shoe’s cushioning. The cushioning plays an essential role in your shoe’s performance, so pay attention to a shoe’s cushioning before you buy it.

For instance, the majority of shoes have midsoles featuring a variety of foams. EVA foam is a relatively light option for a midsole.

A major benefit of EVA foam is that it is sturdy and highly durable. This type of material is also water-resistant and resilient even after being used for an extended period of time.

4. Assess the Shoe’s Outer Part

The outsole of a basketball shoe is fabricated using either synthetic material or rubber. This part of the shoe is your footwear’s traction point.

As you decide on a basketball shoe, look for an outsole that is relatively wide and flat. This will give you maximum balance.

Also, for extra grip, look for an outsole that has a hexagonal or herringbone pattern. The purpose of these patterns is to keep your feet secure and help you not to slide while you’re running across the basketball court.

Also, be on the lookout for a basketball shoe that has a particularly thick outsole if you plan to play on an outdoor basketball court. The majority of basketball shoes are made for indoor use, but you’ll find some designed for use in the street as well.

5. Take Your Position into Consideration

When looking for a basketball shoe, look for a low-top one if you play in the guard position. That’s because, in this position, you need to be able to make quick movements while on the basketball court. A low-top shoe can help you to move more fluidly.

Meanwhile, if you are a forward, a high-top shoe is ideal due to its extra weight. This type of shoe comes with extra support and coverage, which is great for a large, aggressive forward.

If you play a wide range of basketball positions, a mid-top shoe is generally a good choice. This type of shoe provides plenty of ankle support. At the same time, it gives you the room you need to move about.

All in all, a mid-top shoe is highly flexible, which makes it excellent for multi-position, hybrid basketball players.

6. Choose the Right Size

Not sure which size your basketball shoe should be? Be sure to measure your feet at home before making a shoe purchase.

You can measure your foot using a tape measure or ruler. Alternatively, you can have a sporting-good store employee measure or size your foot.

Be sure that anytime you measure your feet, you measure them while your socks are still on. Also, be sure to measure your feet while you are standing up.

As a general rule of thumb, it is also best to measure your foot during the evening time. That’s because feet usually swell as the day progresses.

Also, if you end up being in between two sizes, make sure that you choose the higher-size shoe.

7. Consider the Shoe’s Appearance

Finally, take into consideration the design and colour scheme of the basketball shoe that you choose. Ideally, you want a shoe that doesn’t just function well but also showcases your unique personality.

If you’re interested in standing out, look for a shoe that sports bold design elements and hues. Or, feel free to look for a shoe that fits the colour scheme of the basketball jersey you typically wear.

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