Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards

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If you’re a quick and successful point guard, we know that you’ll be looking to beat your opponent straight off the dribble. To master swift pull-up jumpers and lethal crossovers, you’ll need a pair of shoes that can enhance your gameplay, and not deter your skills. Here we discuss the features for the best point guard shoes on the market and provide you with some of our best examples.

There are four main components you should consider to choose the best basketball shoes for point guards 2021:


No matter how good the rest of a shoe’s features may be, its material makeup will always be at the core. When buying basketball shoes for point guards, the material makeup of your basketball shoe is something to consider very carefully. For example, synthetic materials and materials such as leather are more durable than materials like mesh, but mesh tends to be more lightweight, enhancing the speed and support needed for point guards.

It’s important to look for a shoe with a durable sole, and at least some level of durability when it comes to the outer body. As a point guard, we imagine you’ll be partaking in some speedy lateral movement, which can put significant strain on your shoes. The last thing you want is your shoes to fall apart in the middle of a basketball game. The best point guard shoes are ones that combine lightweight materials with a durable sole.

You should also take into account whether your basketball shoes need to be used for outdoor play as well as indoor, as many synthetic materials are useful for both options.


Shoes with great traction are an absolute must for good point guard shoes. Good traction is the reason why some of the world’s greatest point guards are able to quickly change direction to confuse their opponents without slipping or damaging their ankles.

We recommend paying attention to the shoe’s track patterns as a simple fact like the deepness of the grooves can drastically affect the level of traction you will get. Smaller groove patterns also tend to be more ideal for outdoor use, making shoes with this feature ideal basketball shoes for point guards.


The classic style that most point guards often go for is the low and mid-top shoe, which tend to be cut lower for optimal mobility and space. Many point guard shoes tend to lack ankle support, however, they more than make up for this with their good traction and top-quality sole.

You should also look for tight stitching, as this tends to be better suited to wear and tear, which is common if you’re regularly playing basketball.


The final element to consider when looking for good basketball shoes for point guards is the cushion. You don’t want to feel every impact of force on the sole of your foot, so it’s better to look for shoes with good cushioning, as these are more shock-absorbent. In general, comfort leads to better play, so this cushion-level should definitely be one of your priorities.

Best basketball shoes for point guards from And1

Here are some of our best point guard shoes 2021 to suit both indoor and outdoor basketball:

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